In-Home Personal Training
and Injury Rehabilitation

For Busy Professionals, Executives, and Retirees.



Serving Ahwatukee / Chandler / Tempe for 25 years

Consistent – Smart – Moderate – Fun

Bart Warren Applebaum

Bart Applebaum

  • University of Miami Alumni
  • Owner – Body by Bart – 25 years
  • Providing Exercise and Nutrition Seminars – 18 years
  • Personal Trainer Certification Instructor
  • Ahwatukee Resident for 25 years

Bart’s interests:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Golf and Ping-Pong
  • Talk Radio
  • Sports Cars
  • Shooting Range

Current Clients

Doug,  Jane F. and family (25 years)

Karen, Larry L. and family (25 years)

Ruth F. (15 years)

Cindy B. (17 years)

Irina G. (10 years)

Tracy G. and family (8 years)

Dave N. and family (7 years)

David, Corey B. (8 years)

Bill, Mary T. and family (5 years)

Charlotte C. (9 years)

Isabelle T. (5 years)


My current clients range from 14-84 years of age and would love to give you a reference.


Bart is a great trainer and I look forward to working with him each week. The versatility and personalization of each session makes them fun, and Bart’s support, motivation, and patience is never lackluster. I am only 16 years old, but Bart has taught me the value and importance of fitness that I will carry with me forever.

-Isabelle T.


25 years ago, I realized I needed to make a commitment to my health. That was when I started strength training with Bart. It is amazing what I have learned and what we have accomplished. Bart makes a commitment to you and genuinely cares about you. Right now we are working on rehab after a major surgery. It is nice to be able to trust that Bart knows what he is doing and knows me. He is a great trainer and friend.

-Karen L.


Bart has been my trainer for over five years. Bart’s knowledge of weight training and nutrition has helped me in more ways than I can count. I love my workouts and look forward to them. Bart is also a great friend. He genuinely cares about my progress and has made exercise and good food choices a high priority in my life. He also trains my wife, daughter and son.

-Bill T.


I have been working out with Bart for almost ten years, and at 47 have a better body now than when I was in my 20s! Bart makes working out enjoyable, gives great nutrition advice and is a great motivator. Thanks Bart!

-Irina G.


I have had the pleasure of working with Bart as my personal trainer for the last nine years. Through those years, Bart has been such an important part of my life, He has helped me create a work life balance and provided invaluable education on the importance of being diligent with good nutrition and understanding proper training techniques. Bart has many qualities that make him a great trainer; positive attitude, consistency, patience and extreme professionalism.

-Charlotte C.


Bart has been my trainer for 15 years.  I’m 84 years old now and I have never been in better shape.  Bart is always on time, professional, reliable, caring, energetic and fun to be with.  When I need Physical Therapy, he does it in my house for me.  His workout sessions are never boring and different almost every workout.  He’s really proud that I can do 3 sets of 90 second Isometric Squats on the wall. I love being fit and highly recommend him. He’s also a really nice person.

-Ruth F.

Bart is very professional and easy to work with. Get one-on-one training and nutritional advice from a college educated board certified trainer in the comfort of your own home. NO hype or insane workouts. Bart works at your pace, regardless of age or ability. Bart designs workouts for High School level Arizona State champion wrestlers to 80+ year old Sun Lakes clients. He customizes the workouts to your needs, abilities and goals; no pressure. I have worked with Bart for over a decade and have achieved amazing long lasting results. I would and have recommended Bart to many of my friends who have become happy healthy clients of Body By Bart.

-Laura C.


Bart Applebaum of Body by Bart has been my trainer for many years now. I have learned to appreciate Bart’s deep understanding of not only physical training but also food choices, lifestyle choices, etc. I have seen great results in the training I’ve received from Bart. I would highly recommend Bart to anyone looking for a personal trainer. You will not be disappointed!

-David N.


In the nine years that Bart has been my trainer his commitment to my health has been unequalled. As his client, Bart gives me an education about good nutrition and weight training…all done in a friendly and easy-to-understand manner. Bart is also available outside of the workouts to answer questions and to provide guidance. I believe one of the most important aspects of training with Bart—along with the great results—is that the ever-changing and challenging sessions are designed especially for your needs. I’ve found the many, many hours I have spent working out with Bart are always comfortable and safe—and lots of fun. On a personal note, not only is Bart’s knowledge of weight training impressive, he is also one of the nicest men that I know.

-Tracy G.


Bart is the BEST personal trainer! If it weren’t for him, I’d never do weight workouts, which are so important as we age. Could never get myself to be consistent going to a gym. In-home training is the best cuz it holds me accountable! Plus, Bart gets me thinking about nutrition and making better food choices. Thanks, Bart, for keeping me on track all these years…

-Cindy B.


I started working with Bart 5 years ago, after watching the long standing relationship between him, my husband and his family, which had been 20 years strong. We started out working together 3 days a week. We worked closely to establish a healthy eating plan and a do-able exercise program. I hit my goal weight in the first year, going from 208 pounds down to 145. I’ve maintained that weight for 4 years now and feel better than I have in many years. My doctors are thrilled that my cholesterol is well within the recommended range and, I’m told, is the best in his office. On a personal level, I’d like to take a moment and explain how fortunate I am to have met and be working with Bart. When we met I was heavy, out of shape and frustrated with myself. He gave me tools and support well beyond just an exercise routine and for that I’m deeply grateful. He has become a friend and a form of strength that helps me continue to be successful. Body by Bart has completely changed my life!

-Jane F.